Graphic Design

Gurls Talk x Bread & Butter

Platform of activist and icon Adwoa Aboah, Gurls Talk was founded as a safe space for females to talk about sexuality and body awareness. Gebrüder Fritz set out to create a space for Gurls Talk that was as free from taboos as the platform itself, and I was commissioned to create an empowering mural as a backdrop for the booth. My response was a collage composed of a selection of female icons and empowering quotes and slogans. Body parts, forming an exquisite corpse as the mural’s ‘skeleton’, also contributes to the direction of the piece, creating a sense of order in the chaos.

Year 2017
Wallpaper design and production
Gebrüder Fritz for Zalando SE
Event Gurls Talk booth at Bread & Butter
Photos Noel Richter