Production Design

Boiler Room & Google Pixel

Art direction, on-set styling, production and set design, including lighting concept, wayfinding / in-app navigation for VR Dancefloors: Techno in Berlin—the first virtual dancefloor experience. 

VR Dancefloors: Techno in Berlin is the first virtual dancefloor experience designed for Daydream View and Google Pixel, a phone made for VR. The 15-minute immersive VR film was created by Boiler Room in collaboration with Google Pixel and shot at the Arena Club, which hosted the first German Boiler Room. The VR experience will take you deep into the subversive and liberated world of Berlin’s nightclub culture. Soundtracked by local heroes Fjaak, the experience features a live performance of new music created during the shoot.

Year 2017
Services Production, set design,  styling, lighting and navigation design
Exec Producer Boiler Room / Joe Alexander
Director  Easton West
Producer Marietta Auras
1st AD Franzi Krentzien
Exec Producer (Inception) Kevin Molloy
DOP (Inception) Oliver Cross
Producer (Inception) Natalie Fox