Berlin based, Oslo born and bred, Anette K Hansen is a creative art director, designer and stylist, developing concepts and telling stories through visuals, words, interiors and events.

With ten years of experience helping clients tell their stories through identity, graphic, interior and production design as well as putting on an array of pop up events, exhibitions and dinners, I have grown a vast network and the ability to quickly draw connections across the board, pulling together the best of all worlds to create compelling concepts and content.

I’m used to wearing many hats and enjoy the diversity of having my fingers in multiple pots, taking projects from concept, research and planning to execution. I’m a versatile, hands-on, perfectionist with an endless curiosity, which has pushed me to master many trades. 

Whether the application of a project is a visual identity or brand strategy, a global campaign, a dinner event, a TVC or what-have-you, the quality of the concept and idea—the story, as well as figuring out how to tell it in the most intriguing way possible, is what drives me.

Mindfulness and sustainability have always been important to me, so much so that I ran the blog, SemiDomesticated, around those topics, for almost seven years. I always strive to lessen my impact, and whenever possible, make change for the better.