I’ve lost my innocence — for better and for worse.

Ylva Schwenke (15) from Tromsø hid by ‘Kjærlighetsstien’ (a path on Utøya translated “The love path”). She was shot in the shoulder, her stomach and in both of her thighs.

I would like to introduce a project by one of my clients: Norwegian photographer Andrea Gjestvang’s beautiful and powerful project “One Day in History” is an ongoing photographic series portraying the youths who survived the massacre at the summer camp on Utøya on July 22nd 2011.

Although somewhat separate from my normal line of work, I’ve been been translating the  accompanying texts written by the survivors from Norwegian to English as well as laying out presentations of the project. I have several times been moved to the point of tears from the words and images of these insightful and brave young people. Their ability to reflect on and grow from their experiences is extraordinary and Gjestvang’s ability to capture this is nothing short of remarkable.

This project will be launced as a book by Norwegian publisher Pax in October 2012.
Keep following her project on Andrea Gjestvang’s  website,and check out Newsweek’s recent article on the project here.